3 Reasons to Check Out EdCamp Centerpoint

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  1. Make a connection. Instead of “sit and get” professional development, EdCamp requires that you move around, actively participate, and talk to new people. I went to a tech conference in the area last spring and went almost the entire day without having more than a small-talk conversation with anyone – and I’m a pretty social person. It’s pretty impossible to get away with that at an EdCamp – I promise. We’re expecting participants with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, so take advantage of the cross-pollination and make a connection with someone new.
  2. Centerpoint isn’t like any other school you’ve seen before. Take a tour through our building, where rooms have names instead of numbers, students cook lunch for the school every day, and staff are encouraged to turn student-centered ideas into action (for example: this week we’re launching a therapeutic in-car driver’s ed program – I think it’s the first program of its kind). We do everything we do for the benefit of our students, and you can see that when you walk in the door. Come be part of our community for a day.
  3. Nurture yourself. Why come to an EdCamp during a school vacation? I think you’ll find it to be a way to “fill your tank,” rather than increase your burnout. We’ll have a ton of food and coffee to get your brain ready for learning (thanks to Physician’s Computer Company, Cabot Cheese, City Market, Healthy Living, and more of our amazing sponsors). The content of EdCamp is whatever participants bring to the table – so talk about the issues about which you are passionate, with other passionate education stakeholders from across Vermont. Put some energy and enthusiasm in your bank, and start fresh after the break with new ideas about how to support learning for all learners.


I really hope you’ll consider joining us at EdCamp Centerpoint on April 23. Preregister so we can be ready to host you, and tell your friends, too! Click: https://www.smore.com/7kru-edcamp-centerpoint 


A response from Governor Shumlin

Governor Shumlin finally wrote me a response to this letter I sent a couple of months ago.

Dear Alex,

Thank you for your feedback on my speech at the Women Can Do conference. I apologize for the delay in response. In my continued commitment to gender equality, I appreciate your insight and share your desire to empower Vermont’s young women.

Last legislative session, I supported efforts to get Vermont women equal pay for equal work. I continue to be a strong supporter of gender equality as governor and I hope that other states will follow Vermont’s lead in this matter. I take to heart your comment that I must be careful to offer encouragement to all young Vermonters, and appreciate your advocacy on this issue.

Thank you again for your letter. I will keep your thoughts in mind as I move forward.


Peter Shumlin
109 State Street, Pavilion
Montpelier, Vermont 05609

As expected from a politician, the letter is mostly self-affirming – but I appreciate that last sentence in the second paragraph. It seems to me to say that he (or a staffer) truly did read and consider what I had to say.

What do you think?