About Alex



About Alex Shevrin:

I’m a school leader at a small alternative therapeutic high school near Burlington, Vermont. I believe that all students need a safe and caring school environment. We create this environment through unconditional positive regard for the person and conditional response to the behaviors, recognizing the dynamic and complex lives of our students.

I think, learn, and write about trauma-informed teaching, special education, therapeutic schools, social/emotional skill-building, alternative education, proficiency based graduation requirements, teacher-driven professional development, restorative justice/restorative discipline, and above all, the importance of authentic student-teacher relationship. I facilitate conversations and presentations around these topics at conferences and events such as Educon, the Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forum, Dynamic Landscapes, the Vermont Therapeutic Schools conference, and the Massachusetts Teachers Association’s Summer Conference.

I also teach at the Community College of Vermont in Winooski, work as a Community Facilitator for Edutopia, and organize Edcamp Vermont. You can find links to my writing and other media here.


I attended the University of Vermont for my degree in Secondary Education – English and Antioch University New England for my Master’s Degree in Education.

Please feel free to reach out for inquiries around presentations, writing, or consulting.

You can find me on Twitter at @shevtech 


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